• Brian Smith and Emily Smith,

    Brian has been an exercise physiologist and nutritionist since 2007. He and his wife, Emily, love participating in humanitarian work. They have six children, who have fueled the couple’s desire to help families around the globe to be healthy and well-nourished.

    In helping those who are malnourished, Brian and Emily found significant nutritional gaps in the products that are typically available. Most charities focus on delivering carbohydrates, because of their high calorie count, long shelf life, and relative ease of non-refrigeration delivery. Other essentials, like those found in vegetables and protein, are harder to store without a freezer, and are therefore more challenging to deliver to these less fortunate communities. This led to their founding of Buff Supplements -- to develop nutritious supplements for families in their community, and provide essential nutrition to malnourished communities around the world.

    They invite you to join them in this effort today.

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